facebook-pixel Prístavná 1. Live in style near the Danube.
Modern energy use

With Prístavná 1, we have achieved a significant energy efficiency milestone. By partnering with SPP, our clients will benefit from state-of-the-art cogeneration units that produce energy. By combining the simultaneous production of power, heat, and cold, these units increase energy use efficiency by 40 %.

First residential development using cogeneration in Slovakia

We are proud that our development project is the first project in Slovakia using this advanced technology. The technology significantly reduces our carbon footprint and increases the project's self-sufficiency in energy supplies, which translates to lower energy costs for our residents.

Sustainable and comfortable housing

To connect to SPP’s energy source, we used pre-insulated buried pipes that transport heat and cold efficiently between our building and the SPP facility. We use the heat produced by the cogeneration units for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer with the help of absorption chillers.

Working with SPP enables us to offer our residents a certain level of comfort and energy savings over the long term, which helps save the environment. Prístavná 1 is a prime example of modern and sustainable living in Bratislava.