facebook-pixel Prístavná 1. Live in style near the Danube.
Investing in housing offers the best returns on your money.

The better the location, the more benefits it yields. You no longer have to worry about long school runs, driving across town to do your shopping, going to the doctor, or spending time in a car in heavy traffic. Everything you need is within a hand’s reach.

You will love this place. It offers a new approach to enjoyable housing. You may rent your flat long-term or make it a home for you and your family. The decision is yours to make.


Financial plan

Safe investment opportunity

Flats in Prístavná 1 offer an attractive opportunity to generate income from short-term rentals. Prices of one-bedroom flats start at 170,000 €. With the current cost of mortgages expected to fall in the long run, the expected return on your investment is 3,5 years, and mortgage repayment is expected within 15 years.

Prices of available flats start at 170,000 €
The lowest price per m2 compared to new developments in the area. The flats are suitable for short and long-term rentals.
Interest rate and loan instalments
Price of flat: 170,000 €
Your own deposit: 34,000 €
Interest rate: 4% (rates are expected to fall)
Mortgage: 141,000 €
Monthly mortgage instalment: 649 €.

Costs and return on your investment

Initial investment
34,000 € + 5,000 € na vybavenie bytu.
Annual mortgage costs
od 7,788 €
Total annual costs
(energies, TV, Internet charges) roughly 9.643 €
Starting at 80 € per day, this is the lowest rent for short-term rentals in the area for properties with extra fixtures and fittings.
Prospective income
At 75% annual occupancy (273 days), the rental income could be 21,840 €.

Investment return – short-term rental

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